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Zesst is currently open to Serie A investors. What distinguishes Zesst from its competitors is its zero-emissions propulsion system, comfortable ride, top speed of 50km/h, low noise or even its minimal-impact on maritime ecosystems. What makes Zesst standout, is the fact that it has the lowest cost of ownership over its operating lifetime. From an economic standpoint, our solution outperforms all other diesel and zero emission fast ferry providers available on the market.

We have been able to transfer our advanced engineering for space missions to maritime navigation. Meaning that our ships are highly efficient and extremely low maintenance. These two factors enormously reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs which account for the majority of the funds required to operate maritime transport shuttles.

The addressable market is estimated at USD 15 Billion until 2030.

Investing in Zesst offers a very attractive return of investment in a short period of time. If you would like more detailed information about our investment offering, please fill in and submit the form below.

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