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ZESST among finalists of the Monaco Hydrogen Forum

The inaugural edition of the Monaco Hydrogen Forum took place on 21-22 November in Monte Carlo, and it was the occasion to award the inaugural Monaco Prize for Innovation in Renewable Hydrogen and Transportation.

The Forum was hosted by the Monaco Hydrogen Alliance whose aim is to bring together key public and private stakeholders in hydrogen production and deployment and engage them in meaningful exchanges in order to facilitate and accelerate advancements across the hydrogen value chain.

Moving the World with Green Hydrogen

The theme of this first edition is Moving the World with Green Hydrogen, with a focus on innovations in the use of green hydrogen in transportation and mobility. Today we know that transportation alone accounts for nearly 25% of all global emissions of atmospheric carbon dioxide. It’s clear that use of hydrogen, and particularly green hydrogen in transportation could contribute much to reducing this figure and should therefore have a prominent role in global and national decarbonization strategies.

The competition for the award was launched in Spring 2022 and 52 applications were received. Eight solutions were chosen as finalists for their potential to bring disruptive technologies in this field with their outstanding achievements in terms of innovation, scalability and cross-sector adaptability.

The first day of the event focused on innovative solutions that can revolutionize mobility in different transport sectors, while the second day hosted discussions on the challenges of producing hydrogen with renewable sources, i.e., green hydrogen. The Forum gathered a large number of key players of the emerging hydrogen ecosystem, and surfaced inspiring solutions that will enable the construction of the necessary infrastructure needed for the Hydrogen Economy to take off, as well as the next-generation of hydrogen-powered ships, vehicles and aircraft.

At ZESST we are more than happy to have taken part in these crucial discussions, and we look forward to working together with other participants of this important event to bring closer a safe future of sustainable green transportation.