100 PAX - Hydrogen-Powered Ferry

The ZESST 100 Pax is a 100 seater maritime public transport ship

The 100 Pax ferry will be tansporting passengers in 2026 !

The ZESST PAX is range of hydrogen-powered ships destined for public transport. The vessel is 100% modular with a capacity of 50 to 400 passengers. The boats aim to offer a new means of short-distance maritime transport to carry families, commuters, and tourists efficiently and without any harmful emissions on the seas, lakes, and rivers saving more than 1500 tons of CO2 per year per shuttle.

Advanced Technology for Efficiency, Comfort and Security

The ZESST PAX 100 hydrogen-powered ferry incorporates advanced technologies to optimise fuel consumption, security and comfort.

Navigational Efficiency

  • Wave compensation advanced technology
  • Ultra high density electrical motors
  • Hydrogen fuel cells & high density batteries
  • Composite and metallic lightweight materials
  • Surface effect aerodynamics
  • Optimized hydrodynamics
  • Smart on-board software for energy consumption reduction

Navigational Security and Comfort

  • Floating object detection system
  • Air-conditioned cabin
  • Foil retraction system
  • Adaptive hydrofoil active control for smooth cruise experience
ZESST Pax model design lines back side view
  • ico_h2_produit_blanc



  • ico_hauteur_blanc

    25 m


  • ico_largueur_blanc

    8 m


  • ico_personne_blanc

    99 max

    passenger capacity

  • ico_vagues_max_blanc

    3,50 m

    max draft 

  • ico_vagues_min_blanc

    1.6 m

    minimum draft

  • ico_tripulation_blanc


    crew members

  • ico_autonomie_blanc

    100 km


  • ico_vitresse_min

    27 kts (50 km/h)

    cruising speed

  • ico_vitesse_max_blanc

    30 kts (55 km/h)

    max speed

  • ico_veritas_blanc

    Bureau Veritas, DNV-GL


ZESST Pax model design lines front side view
ZESST Pax model white graphic
ZESST Pax model design lines view from above
ZESST Pax model design lines back side view
ZESST Pax model design lines side view
ZESST Pax ferry on water with Swiss mountain in background
ZESST Pax model on Hudson river in New York with the Statue of Liberty in background
ZESST Pax model on lake in Switzerland