Precursor - Private Hydrogen-Powered Boat

The ZESST Precursor is a 7 seater hydrogen-powered leisure craft

The Precursor will be navigating in Lake Geneva in 2023 !

You can pre-order your very own hydrogen-powered leisure craft today. The ZESST Precursor has been design specifically for private individuals wishing to treat themselves to an exceptional and environmentally-friendly motor boat experience. It is also ideal for water taxi companies wanting an eco-friendly, cost efficient solution. The boat can comfortably accommodate up to 7 passengers.

ZESST Precursor – Hydrogen Leisure Boat

At 35 feet long (10.68 m), the Precursor is the smallest boat in the ZESST range of hydrofoils. It comfortably carries 6 people in an interior worthy of a private jet.

Uniting Californian design, Swiss technology, and British naval architecture, the Precursor offers a comfy and sleek marine limousine that avoids congested roads, and effectively replaces noisy and polluting helicopters in coastal areas.

The first boat is scheduled to be launched on Lake Geneva in 2023. The Precursor will be the ambassador of ZESST values and will be presented at several international events in Switzerland, France, Northern Europe, the USA, and Japan.

ZESST Precursor model design lines back
  • ico_h2_produit_blanc



  • ico_hauteur_blanc

    10,68 m


  • ico_largueur_blanc

    4 m


  • ico_personne_blanc

    7 max

    passenger capacity

  • ico_vagues_max_blanc

    2,50 m

    max draft

  • ico_vagues_min_blanc

    1,50 m

    minimum draft

  • ico_vitresse_min

    25 kts (46.3 km/h)

    cruising speed

  • ico_vitesse_max_blanc

    30 kts (55 km/h)

    max speed

ZESST Precursor model design lines back side view
ZESST Precursor model design lines from side
ZESST Precursor model design lines from above
ZESST Precursor model design lines birds eye
ZESST Precursor model from front on water of Geneva lake
ZESST Precursor model on Hudson river with New York city skyline and Brooklyn bridge in background
ZESST Precursor model on Geneva lake