With a team of over 25 highly skilled engineers, we are here to drive marine innovation

Having successfully contributed to the world record-breaking speed sailboat l'Hydroptère and numerous space missions, we benefit from technologies transferred from space engineering to marine engineering. We offer expertise and consultancy services in the following areas :

  • Management of complex projects
  • Conversion and optimization study of ship propulsion systems
  • Development of multidisciplinary optimization tools for complex systems
  • Design and optimization of onboard energy systems - batteries, fuel cells, hybrid systems
  • Development and implementation of flight stability control systems for hydrofoil boats
  • Decision support advice for a transition to green energy
  • Measurement of composite, plastic, and metallic structures
  • Measurement of deformation and dynamic stability of hydrofoils
  • Quality management
  • Preparation and execution of validation tests for complex systems

Complex technical challenges are our daily routine. Our best engineers will be glad to solve them for you !

ZESST Pax model white graphic