Revolutionizing carbon-free travel

Conceptualized and produced by Almatech Space and Naval Engineering, ZESST is disruptive, silent, and ecological, only emitting water vapor. Thanks to the hydrofoils, the ship flies above the water offering unparalleled comfort to the passengers aboard the shuttle whilst consuming 85% less energy.

Our mission is to offer an accessible and modern alternative to more conventional maritime transport. The expertise acquired in the aerospace and naval industries allows ZESST to put state-of-the-art technologies to work towards our environmentally friendly vision. Founded in Switzerland at EPFL, we combine innovation and Swiss quality to guarantee your security and well-being.



Green hydrogen and fuel cells power highly efficient electric motors. Only water vapor is released.


Wave reduction

The combined use of hydrofoils and an optimized hull design minimizes wave generation, protecting the environment and people from the impact of waves.


Unique experience

No more seasickness! Thanks to hydrofoil technology, ZESST hovers above the waves making the boat's movements extremely smooth.


ZESST's revolutionary design saves 85% of energy. Genetic optimization algorithms are used to achieve this exceptional performance.



Established space technologies and extremely solid ultralightweight materials allow ZESST to be piloted at a cruising speed of 50km/h.



Hydrogen is the fuel used in the ZESST motor. It is combined with oxygen from the air to produce energy and water vapor. The hydrogen is extracted from water using green energy. 

Our vision of maritime transport

Achieving zero emissions

Over 40% of the world’s population lives less than 40 kilometers away from the shoreline. The increase in economic activity in coastal regions is putting unprecedented pressure on our ecosystem. As the climate experts from GIEC stated: the time for decarbonization is now.

Our vision: Achieving net-zero emissions for maritime mobility.

Our mission is to deploy industry-leading zero-emission vessels that can help bring coastal societies closer to one another.

Our team's extensive experience and track record in the space industry sets us apart from conventional offerings in the market.

Total investment and operating costs are minimized through the optimization of resources and the smart integration of different technologies on board ZESST.

The introduction of each ZESST results in a reduction of more than 1'500 tons of CO2 per year per ship.

ZESST complies with national and international (MARPOL, ECA) environmental protection regulations and is a safe and sustainable investment for the present and future requirements of the 21st century. ZESST follows the principles of sustainable blue economy financing (UNEP FI)

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Zesst Precursor

The ZESST Precursor is the model in our range aimed at private use. It offers you a unique experience and is well suited for all your transport needs. The boat can comfortably accommodate up to 6 passengers. The Precursor is fast, silent, and environmentally friendly.

  • ico_autonomie_b



  • ico_personnes_b

    7 Max

    crew members

  • 25 kts (46 km/h)

    cruising speed

Zesst Pax

ZESST PAX is our range of ships destined for public transport, 100% modular with a capacity of 50 to 400 passengers.

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  • ico_personnes_b

    50 to 400

    crew members

  • 27 kts (50 km/h)

    cruising speed


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