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ZESST by Almatech now open to impact investors! 

ZESST by Almatech now open to impact investors!

Impact investment produces demonstrable, advantageous social and environmental outcomes in addition to financial gains. ZESST does precisely that! A fast ferry driven by hydrogen that emits no CO2 and carries passengers securely and comfortably is gaining significant commercial traction since its lifetime cost is typically 20% less than that of a diesel-powered fast ferry.

ZESST has already achieved its current development goals with signed letters of intent and business agreements with key actors in the green energy and maritime transport industries across the globe.

To reach its next milestones, ZESST is now opening its doors to impact investors.

Important facts you need to know about ZESST

  • ZESST takes part in the ecological transition by offering fast, reliable, high quality and zero-emission maritime vessels with the lowest maintenance cost on the market.
  • ZESST is disruptive and silent. Green hydrogen and fuel cells power highly efficient electric motors. Only water vapor is released.
  • ZESST flies above the water thanks to its hydrofoils, offering unparalleled comfort to the passengers aboard while consuming 85% less energy.
  • ZESST’s combined use of hydrofoils and an optimized hull design minimizes wave generation, protecting the environment and people from the impact of waves.
  • On board ZESST, seasickness does not exist. Thanks to hydrofoil technology, ZESST hovers above the waves, making the boat’s movements extremely smooth.
  • ZESST includes state-of-the-art technologies thanks to Almatech’s expertise in the aerospace and naval industries. Founded in Switzerland at EPFL, ZESST combines innovation, space technologies and Swiss quality to guarantee security and well-being.
  • ZESST is a profitable and safe investment for a sustainable economy. ZESST is the transition to a sustainable transportation model that has already begun.

If this sounds like your type of investment, please use our ‘Become and Investor’ in ZESST form receive more details!